Thursday, October 23, 2003

My bad little panty thief.

I have a slave that calls himself 'Dirty Little Panty Thief', I know his real name and phone number but for now I won't tell that.

This slave has told me all about how he stole three different girls dirty panties, he's friends with one of them 'Megan', I wrote to her about it awhile ago but still haven't heard back.

Today he called me from his neighbor's house, he had snuck into their home and was sniffing their 15 year old daughters panties while jacking off!!

I asked what he would do if they came home and caught him, he told me they wouldn't...They were gone. Well what do you think happened...That's right, they drove up! Like the little snake his is, he snuck out and slithered home.

He then called me again and told me he made it out without them knowing and that he still had the panties with him...Talk about pathetic!!

One thing I really hate is when my slaves hang up on me, well the little puke did...So he's now part of my blog. Soon I may be adding a little more about him and the names and cities of the girls he's stolen from. I may even post a picture or two of him wearing their panties!!

Well that's enough for now...Wonder who will be posted on here next...Better be a good slave or it maybe you!!

Kisses Mistress Jenny

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Welcum to my very first entry!!

I'm Mistress Jenny, this blog will be about my life as a phone Mistress and the guys or girls that call me.

Being a Mistress is exciting, I let the bitch in me take over the people that call...and make them mine!!

Want to know more about me, or see my pictures?? Here's my link...call me!!

Kisses Mistress Jenny

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